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For your baking and Sandwiches and All time Favourite Dips.


A cultured milk and cream product which is smooth and creamy. Used in dips, sauces, toppings, pastries, cakes and vegetable gravy.
Sure, most folks love to dip their pierogi in sour cream, but how about folding the sour cream right into the dough? Turns out the fatty dairy product helps keep the dough tender and flaky as it fries—it's a trick we use in our sweet cheese pierogi, not to mention these twists filled with spinach-artichoke dip. The same principal also applies to sweeter preparations, like the dough for our apple-cinnamon kringle.

Of course, sour cream can be used to enhance more than texture. It adds body and fermented flavor to these extra-flaky buttermilk biscuits and all five of our cornbread variations. We even throw it into sweet potato pancakes to offset the sweetness with some sour tang.
If you've ever added cream to finish a sauce you’ll love it even more when you make the switch to sour cream. Sour cream has that slight sour taste of yogurt and the rich creaminess of cream making it the perfect addition in any subji you want. You won’t go back to the plain boring subjis after tasting this combo. Goes great with shahi paneer, vegetable subji, masala curry, potato cauliflower subji, etc the list is endless with the right adventurous attitude.  
Try out this charred corn salad with cherry tomatoes, zucchini, and radishes instead—just a small dollop of sour cream goes a long way.
*4. DIPS*
Sour cream on its own makes a great dip for everything from vegetables to all things fried. But much like mayo, it's easy to up the ante with aromatics, herbs, and spices. Horseradish gives it some extra oomph and contrasting heat as a companion for our crisp and sweet beet latkes. But for something a little more versatile, try it puréed with scallions, cilantro, and lime or added to mayonnaise for a more nuanced chipotle-spiked dip.
Like its fellow fermented dairy products, yogurt and buttermilk, sour cream has a distinctively acidic-tangy quality that cuts through sweetness while delivering richness and nuance—all great qualities when it comes to changing up your dessert routine. It lightens the dense heaviness of typical cheesecake in this light and airy Japanese variation and keeps our cinnamon-apple cake and chocolate cupcakes from spilling into cloyingly sweet territory. Sour cream also enhances the tenderness of baked goods, from mini chocolate chip and oatmeal muffins to this extra-moist bundt cake studded with fresh blackberries. And, whisked into a frosting, it provides a bright, uplifting contrast to a fudgy pretzel layer cake.
Try jalapeño poppers with a spoonful of smooth sour cream. It's also responsible for the moisture and richness of the potatoes in our crispy mashed potato casserole with scallions and cheese. Or give sour cream a go in stuffed Mexican peppers in a red chili sauce, where it blends smoothly with cheese and crushed tomatoes.

Sour Crearm 200g

  • With a high fat content and creamy texture, sour cream is an easy and indulgent way to add richness and acidity to just about any savory or sweet dish. Its name comes from the production of lactic acid by bacterial fermentation, which is called souring

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