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Buffalo Mozzarella

Goloka Dairy Products Pvt Ltd specializes in the Manufacture, Export & Supply of Buffalo Mozzarella. Our Buffalo Mozzarella, which is one of the finest varieties of cheese, has been widely preferred by customers for its freshness and distinct taste. It is an unmistakable snow-white spun-curd soft fresh cheese, made of buffalo milk. Our Buffalo Mozzarella has been used in Salads, Pasta, Pizza and various Italian Dishes.


Cream Cheese

A soft fresh cheese made of milk and cream with a smooth and homogeneous consistency. Used in cheese cakes, sandwiches, bagels and breads, pastries, cakes, desserts, sauces and vegetable gravies.


Sour Cream

A cultured milk and cream product which is smooth and creamy. Used in dips, sauces, toppings, pastries, cakes and vegetable gravy.



A distinctly snow-white spun-curd soft fresh cheese made of buffalo milk. Used in salads, pasta, pizza and various Italian dishes.



A velvety thick and rich cheese made from cream, with a sweet delicate flavor. Used with fruit, cakes, pastries, sauces and desserts but is especially famous for use in Tirumisu.



A soft, crumbly textured cheese made from cows milk, cream and whey Used as a popular food eaten just as it is. It is also suited to be used in cooking for stuffings, fillings, and baking various Italian dishes, both salty and sweet. Also great in fruit salads and bakery desserts.



A soft fresh spun-curd cheese made from cow's milk. Manufactured especially for making pizzas, due to it's melting and stretchability. Used in pizzas, pastas, salads and various Italian dishes.



Burrata is a fresh Italian buffalo milk cheese made from mozzarella and cream. The outer shell is solid mozzarella, while the inside contains cream, giving it an unusual, soft texture.