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Bake your Pizza's with our Bocconcini Ethinic Italian Style and also add them to your salads.


A distinctly snow-white spun-curd soft fresh cheese made of buffalo milk. Used in salads, pasta, pizza and various Italian dishes.
*1. PIZZA*
Either with a store bought or homemade base or with rich tomato sauce, top it with your favorite toppings and along with hand teared pieces of the finest bocconcini cheese will take your regular pizza to divine.
Throw some on toast along with some avocado and tomatoes to tease your palette. Or just as good in a sandwich with vegetables and spices. Don’t forget you can put it in sandwiches. 
*3. PASTA*
Give a boost to your regular pasta by adding bocconcini either by breaking into pieces, shredding it, or just putting in a couple of balls in and let it melt through thye noodles.
*4. SALAD*
A great way to serve the green, white and red colors of Italy - tomato, bocconcini and basil. Bocconcini's mild taste goes well with tomato and basil in this easy summer side dish. This dish also has black olives, parsley and fresh ground pepper.
Forget regular cheese balls and try out Bocconcini cheese balls with some tomato basil chutney and let us know how much more you liked it
Put some Bocconcini on bruschetta and it makes the perfect party snack!
A fun food starter could be your favourite veggies with bocconcini in between on a stick with cold sparkling drink on a hot summer’s day.

Bocconcini in Brine 200g Aprox 8 Pcs

  • Bocconcini are small Buffalo mozzarella cheese balls the size of an golf ball. Like Buffalo mozzarella, they are semi-soft, white, and rindless unripened mild cheeses with a slightly sour taste. The texture is soft, moist and somewhat granular.

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