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Use it in Risotto or Eat it as itself as a Exotic Cheese Platter.


Burrata is a fresh Italian buffalo milk cheese made from mozzarella and cream. The outer shell is solid mozzarella, while the inside contains cream, giving it an unusual, soft texture.
*1. PIZZA*
The pizza is loaded with farm-fresh ingredients and generous amounts of burrata cheese dotting the pie's surface. The homemade crust makes an ideal bed for simple zesty red sauce, delicate squash blossoms, and soft dollops of burrata. The result is pizza that is deeply flavorful, uncluttered, and utterly satisfying.
Roasted tomato slices and asparagus spears are roasted to delicate perfection, then served with burrata, arugula, and basil leaves with toasted bread alongside.
Here, burrata is drizzled with honey and balsamic, topped with fresh fruit, and lightly seasoned with freshly ground black pepper. The easy preparation results in a dessert that's complexly flavored and sophisticated — very civilized, I promise!
*4. PASTA*
A short pasta variety of your choice — I vote for rigatoni always — is tossed with cauliflower and broccoli florets and seasoned with fresh thyme and torn pieces of burrata. A drizzle of olive oil and the starch from the pasta water are more than sufficient for coating the pasta in a silky thin "sauce."
Large eggplant slices are salted and set aside to eliminate any bitterness, then drizzled with olive oil and grilled until just charred in spots for maximum smoky flavor. Layer with messy slices of burrata and sprinkle with flaky sea salt for a dish that is as elegant as it is indulgently satiating.
Here, pearled barley is paired with milk-soaked cauliflower, breadcrumbs, fragrant parsley, lemon, and a blend of burrata and creme fraiche. The result is a vibrant meal that feels light and healthy but still leaves you completely satisfied.
The cheesy layers are made with a blend of ricotta and cream, spoonfuls of burrata, Parmesan for good measure, and, oh, some lasagna noodles and Spinach, too. The baked end product is simply amazing.
Take your favorite caprese ingredients and sandwich them between bread — but swap in extra creamy burrata for traditional mozzarella. Flavorful patties made with potato, paneer, breadcrumbs, and Parmesan are layered between hearty ciabatta bread along with fresh basil, tomato slices, and generous pieces of burrata. Add olive oil, sit back, and enjoy.

Baby Burrata in Brine 50g/piece (200g)

  • Burrata is a fresh cheese made from Buffalo Mozzarella and cream. The outer shell is solid Buffalo Mozzarella, while the inside contains shreds of Mozzarella and cream, giving it an unusual, soft texture. It is usually served fresh and at room temperature in salads.

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